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Differences Between 2nd and 3rd Gen USB Cables

There’s no denying the popularity of USB devices. Statistics show that nearly 3 billion USB ports are shipped annually. Considering the popularity of these ports, it’s important to ensure that you’re utilizing the right type of USB cables. You’ve probably heard about the various types of USB cables that are available. With that in mind, it’s easy to be slightly confused in regards to these items. Considering that, here are the main similarities and differences between various types of USB cables.

USB 2.0 Cables

In the year 2000, USB 2.0 was introduced. It was during this time that maximum bandwidth was increased from 12 to 480 megabits per second. That being said, there were similarities between this item and USB 1.0 cables. Both USB 1 and 2 versions utilize a four pin standard connection and five for micro devices. In most cases, USB 1 cables should be able to work wit

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The Benefits of Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

All data centers have to grapple with energy consumption and look for ways to minimize high energy costs. Both cold aisle containment solutions and hot aisle containment solutions are strategies that work towards increased energy efficiency. When IT equipment fails, 65% of the time inadequate or badly maintained air conditioning in the server room makes a direct contribution to the problem

The Benefits of Data Center Aisle Containment

When either cold aisle containment solutions or hot aisle containment options are implemented (assuming rack layouts where fronts of one row face the fronts of the adjacent row so that alternating cold and hot aisles are formed), there are benefits to efficiency levels.

  1. There are no more hot spots. The containment lets cooling units get air, unmixed with hot air, to the front of the equipment. This creates uniform IT inlet temperatures and supply air temperatures can be increased without risking hot spots.

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Top Trends in Human Resources Recruiting to Keep An Eye On

When it comes to human resources recruiting, a recent Robert Half survey found that 36% of the executives in the survey believed that the primary reason for a failed hire, after issues with performance, was a poor skills match. Another 30% cited unclear performance objectives as a key reason for failures after an HR executive placement or other hire. Getting it right with human resources recruiting is absolutely crucial, and doing it well requires a knowledge of the company, a knowledge of the market, understanding and relationship with the candidate pool, and the time and negotiating skills to bring it all together.

Human resources recruiting is increasingly being outsourced by companies to employment agencies and other companies specializing in human resource issues. This

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A Look At Ethernet Cables And Their Use In The United States

The internet has become more accessible than it ever has before. This is due to a number of factors, such as lower prices, wider spread availability of computers as well as ethernet cables, and the continuously growing popularity of smart phones and other such mobile devices, most of which now connect easily to the internet.

Smart phones have created a tremendous growth in the online world, as they allow easier internet access than truly ever before in history in general – including modern history. The iPhone in particular has risen to popularity and, with more than one hundred and one iPhone users in the United States as of the current date, all but dominated the market. In fact, iPhones have become so prevalent, so ubiquitous with the smart phone, that there are now more than three hundred and ninety five – nearly four hundred in total – iPhones sold every single minute in the United States alone – let alone elsewhere around the world, in many places where smart phones have also

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I Have A Website, Now What? Web Design Advice To Keep Traffic Flowing

There are billions of websites floating around the internet. Good, bad, and ugly, they’re all vying for traffic, attention, and money with something that they hope sets them apart enough to gain traffic. The traffic is totally there, too, and most times it doesn’t know where to go.

Google, perhaps you’ve heard of the search engine, gets more than 63,000 searches every second of every day. With millions of results given in under a second, there’s a lot to choose from. When people do make a choice, there are certain things that keep them on a website and things that drive them away. Let’s look under the hood and see what’s what.

Intuitive web design

That’s marketing and web development speak for: people automatically know what to do and where to go on your website. Many sites, when initially designed, the person building them has a great understanding of how the website will work. What they fail to understand is that they don’t really matter, they’re trying to get a chunk of those 63,000/second searchers to know. Most of those searchers aren’t web developers. Simple, elegant web design that people aren’t confused by will keep them there. You should never have a website where visitors don’t know where to go or what to do.

Follow the tech trends

An effective website in 2001 would be laughed at in 2018. Technology trends in web design change and move at an even faster pace now, making you responsible to be mindful of those changes. They’re often subtle. One of the most common web design flaws now is not making a website mobile responsive. Computers are barely being used to make quick searches, while smartphones are ruling the field. When a site is designed with only computer users in mind, that choppy user experience translated to a mobile device will cost you many an annoyed visitor.

Engaging content

Content marketing is key. Yes, you have to make content that’s relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach and the product you’re trying to sell, but if nobody is interested in reading it, it doesn’t matter. Engaging, thoughtfully crafted content is the soul within inspired web design. Once you’ve made the tech shine and run like a dream, fill it with things people want to engage with. Most importantly, keep that content flowing. Make people want to return and be stoked for your new content. Repeat visitors always bring new followers.

Websites are easy to kill, but we don’t want to scare you. They’re even easier to keep well maintained, it just takes more thorough cultivation. Take a look at yours today, consider these points, and design accordingly. Before you know it, you’ll be back in the game.

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Today’s Technology Depends on the Continued Development of Printed Circuit Boards

We live in a fast paced society. From the phones that we use to the televisions that we watch, just when you think you have the latest and best offering, there is already a new product on the way. Behind all of these newly developed products, however, is a small integral part that not everyone thinks about. In fact, without the latest circuit board assembly services, none of these technological products would be available. Getting fast PCB prototypes is the reason that so many companies are able to continue to develop the products one after another.
In a world where the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math skills are so emphasized, it is also important to realize that without the basics of providers that supply fast PCB prototypes there would not be a market for the engineer whose salaries can vary widely, from $50,000 to $150,

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