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Hospitality Technology Trends To Help Your Business

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Do you own a business in the hotel industry? If so, then you know the importance of connecting with customers in a way that will bring them back to your establishment again. Although sometimes it may seem like great customer service is common sense, it can be difficult for some to understand. The good news for you as a business owner is that there are other ways to connect with customers past the typical customer service procedures. Below are just a few of those ways:

1. Upgrading Your Technology - One of the hottest hospitality

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Hospitality Software Solutions From Bed-and-Breakfast Reservation Software and Other Property Management Solutions


Is your Bed-and-Breakfast or hotel experiencing a significant no-show rate? Given that the average daily no-show rate is 10%, your establishment may have a serious issue if it exceeds this amount.

More and more travelers are choosing to use their mobile devices to locate information. In fact, travel-category queries have recently increased over 50%. Prior to making their final travel arrangements, many individuals will conduct an average of 17 research sessions. Even though they may conduct a significant amount of research on their mobile devices, 46% of travelers will use a different device to conduct their final booking. This may include booking online via their laptop or desktop computer as well as their cell phone.

In addition to having a well-designed website, hotels and bed-and-breakfasts should

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Are You Looking for a New Hotel Management System?

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Property management is complex. Especially when it comes to hotels, bed and breakfasts, and condo rentals, the property management industry requires everything from dealing with plumbing problems to making sure that the most rooms are rented as often as possible. Hotel software systems can help make the process of property management easier to handle. With software that presents the latest list of hotel property listings, for instance, a software package can help you group several properties together so that they present a bigger impact.
Bed and breakfast reservation software, along with other property management resources, can help owner

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Life Sciences Where The Industry Is Headed And How You Can Break Into It

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What are life sciences?

Life science is an umbrella term for any branch of science involving living organisms. So, this includes fields like bio-engineering, anatomy, genetics, virology, hematology, zoology, and others. As with many other industries, the life sciences industry is evolving as technology and biological understanding evolves.

What is the future of the industry?

As you may guess, technology and the internet are driving the life sciences industry to change quickly. Once of the biggest trends is the wide use of data. Medical and biological information is now more shareable than ever before, meaning that clinical trials and project management are more widespread

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US Attorney General To Fight Opioid Epidemic Using Data Analytics

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Data analytics have been used by the government for years to help stop fraud and identity theft. Through the use of identity resolution, financial institutions such as banks and government agencies such as the FBI can link entities through data sets even if a name is misspelled or a part of the name is missing. By using these programs, these organizations can help to stop fraud before it can start.

Now, the U.S. government is utilizing data analytics to fight a more specific type of crime: the prescription of opioids.

The opioid epidemic

Opioids work as pain relievers, but because of their high addictivity rating they’re considered incredibly dangerous. Several states have been suing pharmaceutical companies for understating how addictive the drugs are to their patients.

Because of this r

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