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Is Your Company Experiencing a Large Number of Failed Hires? Consult with a Strategic Human Resources Firm

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A 2016 Gallup poll showed that Millennial employees are the “Job Hopping Generation.” At any given time, 6 out of 10 Millennials are open to learning about and interviewing for new positions. This is more than any other generation to date, according to this poll. By the end of June 2015, for example, 2.7 million employees left their jobs on a voluntary basis. This consists of a 25% increase from 2013.

There are a variety of reasons for job hopping or voluntarily quitting a position. A Robert Half survey, for instance, showed that executives found there were specific factors that lead to failed hires. At the top of this list with 36% was performance issues and a poor skills match. After this, the second most common reason at 30% was unclear performance objectives.

The Gallup poll also showed that ju

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Managing a Hotel? Here are Our Top 7 Ways to Attract Guests

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Have you ever been stuck on hold for what feels like an interminable amount of time, only to be juggled between various automated voice message systems? In some cases, you might have just hung up, frustrated with the entire process. Nothing beats the human touch (or voice, in this case) and that goes double for industries whose primary job is to interact with the public, such as the hospitality industry. Good customer service can go a long way towards building a loyal customer base, spreading positive word of mouth referrals, and boosting sales. Continue Reading >>

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Using Online Marketing To Your Advantage

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Did you know that 93% of the time that someone gets on the internet, they are going to use a search engine? Search engines are one of the most powerful tools for online marketing. Whether you are trying to promote a brick and mortar business or one that is purely online, utilizing your IT project management team to implement the different forms of internet marketing will make it possible to reach a large number of consumers and greatly expand your business.

First, search engines. The top two most popular internet activities worldwide are search engines and email. The vast majority of internet users have an email address (or two, or three) and most people who have even the most basic computer knowledge k

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Three Ways to Measure Tiny Things

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Measurements are an important part of our daily lives, even if we don’t realize it. For example, when we need to go somewhere unfamiliar, we use a map or GPS to get there. Maps must have the correct measurements to translate real distances to a viewable scale. GPS (Global Positioning Systems) use satellites above the Earth and receivers on the Earth to track where you are in relation to where you need to be. The application of measuring goes well beyond travel, however. For buildings to be structurally sound, precise measurement must be done before and during construction. Production lines of just about any product imaginable requires accurate measurement of size and weight as well.

Using relations and clever mathematics we can measure just about everything, even things colossal in size like the c

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The Top Three Home Security Tips For Your Home

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Are you confident with your current method of home security? There are more than 2.5 million reports of home invasions every year. To avoid being one of them, here are a three tips you can use to protect your home.

Reinforce Your Front Door: Stronger Locks Provide Greater Security.

The following clearly does not apply to sliding glass doors, or those doors with a large inset window, as with the exception of installing bulletproof glass there isn’t much to be done. With that acknowledged, there are a few relatively easy steps you can take to make it more difficult for a burglar to force open a locked door.

First, replace the deadbolt and front plate. One study found that about 34% of burglar’s just enter through the front door, and you don’t want to make it easy

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Can a Great IT Department Protect Your Company From Hackers?

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Are you utilizing your IT department to its best capabilities? Another question could be, what are the exact responsibilities for an information technology department? As the news headlines continue to be littered with worries about hackers and subsequent losses of private information, more and more people are turning to IT services for guidance.

Network security is a real and valid concern. Some studies on the incidences of whom is hacked and when indicate that about 20% of smaller businesses can expect to be hacked within their first year of operation. This might come about because a small business does not devote the resources to establishing an IT section within their company at the startup.

To provide a quick breakdown of what the

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