Why You Should Consider Adding Diversity Initiatives To Your Next Hiring List


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What is the most important factor in taking good care of your employees? This question is starting to see heavier circulation over the past months as employee turnover continues to rise and businesses scramble to pick up the slack. With staffing one of the most trying expenses a business large or small can go through, an executive search firm can be an incredibly helpful resource for people on both sides of the fence. Rather than staffing your business they are designed to give you the tools to encourage employee retention, employee satisfaction and an overall brighter future than the one you’re facing now.

Employee Satisfaction

It’s important to take good care of your employees. Dissatisfied employees or ill-fitted employees face a higher risk of turnover than those who are satisfied with their work on a regular basis. An executive search firm can offer you multiple ideas in order to bolster employee satisfaction, with one of the most popular being that of employee recognition programs. Studies have shown 86% of companies with these programs in place cite an increase in employee satisfaction.

Employee Turnover

Businesses across the country are struggling to deal with the aftermath of employee turnover rates. June of 2015 saw two and a half million workers voluntarily leaving their jobs, a 25% increase from just two years prior. Estimates see this rate continuing steadily unless measures are taken to encourage employee retention through recognition programs, steady pay and additional benefits. Human resources consulting firms can instill in your business the ability to create the ideal business setting from the ground up.

Employee Diversity

How diverse is your company? It may be worth considering diversity initiatives over your next hiring expenses, as this mainstream topic isn’t going away any time soon. Not only does diversity create a more harmonious environment and familiar business for your varied client base, it is proven to yield better results than more homogeneous locations. McKinsey’s research has found gender-diverse companies to be 15% more likely to outperform peers, with ethnically-diverse companies 35% more likely. Diversity can also include nationality, religion and physical ability.

Employee Retention

Human resources consultants are an absolutely essential tool to have in your arsenal. They help you connect better with prospective employees and, indirectly, prospective customers. A recent survey provided by Robert Half showed one-third out of the 1,400 executives feeling the top factor leading to a failed hire being a poor skills match as provided by the hiring specifications. The second most common reason, similarly, were unclear objectives. Transparency is key and an executive search firm can help you get there.

Why You Should Hire Executive Search Consultant Services

When employee turnover threatens to put your business under water and employee diversity initiatives have you scrambling to catch up, HR executive search firms can help. Diversity is proven to bring in big bucks while providing both customers and employees a more welcoming environment, while employee recognition programs can increase employee happiness rates through assessment of their ongoing growth and contributions to the company. Keeping these resources in your back pocket will help your business thrive in these uncertain times. Consider hiring an executive search firm and find out for yourself.