Traveling and Software An Important Relationship


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When it comes to running a successful travel business there is nothing more important than the area of customer service. Making sure that your employees currently handle customer service issues will be paramount to the success of your traveling business. However, many business owners within the world of traveling will often overlook just how important this is, which can be a costly mistake.

The world that surrounds the travel industry has changed immensely thanks to the boost that we have seen in technology over the past ten years. Now, there has been software designed to help hotel management systems, hotel management solutions, and the future of the hotel industry has never looked so bright. Here is what a traveling business owner should know about employee retention software and how it can help a hotel succeed.

The research was conducted and it revealed that almost 96% of all customers that have to put in a lot of effort when trying to get a problem solved with a company are very likely to be disloyal in the future. So if you do not have employee retention software in place to help solve customer service issues you are likely to lose customers going forward. So know that it is not necessarily the problem that customers have with a company, it is the way that the problem is handled that can be a serious issue.

To prove this point even further, more research was done which revealed that just about 86% of all customers ended up quitting their business with a company in the year of 2011 because they had a bad customer service experience. So again, if you have employee retention software in place for your hotel software, you can easily handle these situations. All it takes is the proper solution and you can keep customers with your business as opposed to losing them.

Statistics have proven that building loyalty with 5% more customers can easily lead to an increased average profit that is anywhere between 25% and 100% per customer. If you do well with customers they are likely to return because just about 75% of all travelers will plan to return to a destination they have already visited. Also, 75% of all travelers will be planning a winter weekend getaway at some point as well.

Employee retention software is essential to have success in the hotel industry. Not hotel owner should want bad reviews surfacing online because it can haunt them. Most travelers will go through 17 research sessions before booking a hotel and over half of all people will use smartphones to research something travel related and they can easily find your reviews on there. Keep in mind that mobile searches within the travel category have gone up by more than 50%!

Outside of price and location, travelers will look to five other areas when trying to determine where to travel and this is where employee retention software becomes important. These five categories involve consumer reviews, photographs, recommendations that they get from friends, cancellation policies that are viewed as flexible, and also the ability to book online. So make sure you have employee retention software running to help you manage these areas.

With the right employee retention software almost anything is possible and as the economy makes it harder for people to travel, hotel owners have to make themselves stand out in a good way. Just about 25% of all Baby Boomers were planning on going on trips in 2016 with younger generations. Keep in mind that most millennials will view cost as a serious barrier, but will travel if they feel it is a good destination for them to visit.

In Conclusion

Technology has managed to make so many areas of people’s modern-day lives incredibly easy. From getting a date for the night, to playing fantasy sports, to even booking a hotel. Hotel owners across the country are working hard to get employee retention software for their hotel so that they can attract more and more customers while also keeping them loyal so they come back for more business. It is important for these hotel owners to stay in touch with hotel trends and technology so they can stay on top of the game.