Top Mini Fridges of 2022


Compact refrigerators are some of the most handy pieces of equipment for college students and adults alike. With a mini fridge in your room, all of your drinks are chilled and within arms reach without taking an exorbitant amount of energy. They also look cool, and can host all of your favorite magnets.

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Whether you want a few chilled beers in the basement for the big game, or want to keep your fresh fruit to yourself at college, the mini fridge is the perfect solution. New mini fridges are introduced every year, and in this video we will look at the most popular models in 2022.

The RCA 2-door fridge and freezer offers a ton of perks. It has a dial on the side for you to adjust temperatures, allowing you to save energy bills and help the environment at the same time. The freezer and fridge sections have seperate doors, along with a handy door shelf to help you utilize every inch of your fridge. The Euhomy mini fridge with freezer is designed to hold cans on it’s door, allowing for easy access to drinks. Finally, the Galanz retro compact 1 is an incredibly thin, yet spacious alternative to traditional fridges.