The Technology Directional Boring Companies Use to Make Modern Construction Possible


Directional boring or drilling is a type of trenchless boring that creates holes over long distances while creating very little disturbance. This is perfect for laying pipes, cables, conduits, and anything else that needs to rest safely underground. Horizontal Technology Inc. presents this highly informative video on how directional drilling actually works.

Directional boring companies rely on expert personnel as well as careful planning and top-end tools to ensure accuracy when performing horizontal directional drilling (HDD) tasks. Paths for drilling are planned out in advance, taking various factors into consideration.

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A skilled team member known as a driller can guide the drill bit itself over huge distances.

Beyond the basics, this video explores multiple different ground formations and the techniques used by directional boring companies and teams to handle them. Viewers can discover how advanced hydraulics can change the course of a drill by a tiny amount in order to keep it exactly on the right path, or to drive more power through tougher seams of rock.

HDD is used extensively by construction and utility companies. Viewers who’ve ever wondered just how trenchless drilling works must watch this video, and see just how smart the technology used by directional boring companies has become.