The Innovation of Chemical Packaging


The packaging industry is one this many people don’t think of when considering modern industry. Not because it’s hard to see, in fact, it’s probably one of the most visible industries in this world. It’s easy to forget about because products have become so all-encompassing to the individual person. Anywhere we go we see brands, logos, advertisements, inked cardboard, and colored plastic. Packaging science is a massively innovative field with sects in graphic design, chemical packaging development, mechanical engineering, and of course, international business. So how do we cover our goods in chemicals and paint safely?

When the public discovered the dangerous consequences of consuming lead, which was used in almost everything a few decades ago, a lot of companies had to reassess a lot of their processes. Specifically, extensive new research was ahead of them to find packaging and coloring methods that wouldn’t kill people.

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Government mandates were drafted and passed, turning a new page in the world’s history of industrial regulation.

After this, chemical plants had a lot of work to do to bring their factories and production up to these standards and more. They began developing new methods, colors, and designs. Logos became sharper, and inks became more vibrant. With safety in mind, more connections around the world, and better technology, the industry shaped into what we see on shelves today.