The Importance of Cloud Communications


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Just how important are cloud communications these days? You might be surprised! Many cloud services brokers have found that the demand for cloud-based applications has grown very quickly in the past few years, and there are several reasons why so many businesses have turned to the cloud. Not only does it provide more flexibility for small businesses that need to grow, but it also provides reliability and affordability — even for large corporations! Take a look at the numbers below and you’ll see why cloud brokerage services have become so popular:

  • By 2018, it’s estimated that the global market demand for cloud computing equipment will reach at least $79.1 billion.
  • According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), public cloud spending alone is expected to increase substantially. In 2012, spending for the public cloud was around $40 billion. By the end of 2016, this is expected to reach $100 billion.
  • Many businesses have found that both public and private cloud communications programs provide the services that their business needs; for this reason, hybrid cloud usage is on the rise. It’s estimated that around 48% of all businesses will be using some form of the hybrid cloud in the near future.
  • Out of the businesses that already use the cloud, 43% say that the biggest benefit of cloud communications is reliability. Cost and ease of integration are the next benefits that businesses cite.
  • Choosing to incorporate cloud programs in a business isn’t a simple decision that is taken lightly; 70% of top executives say that they were involved in their company’s decision to purchase specific cloud programs, and 80% of businesses say that they have in place (or plan to have) a specific policy regarding use of their cloud within the business.

Cloud communications may not have been too important in business models a few decades ago, but there’s no denying that this technology is one of the most essential pieces of running a successful business right now!