Reducing the Risks of Cyber Attacks In Half the Time


It support miami

Cyber attacks can happen to any company or corporation, big or small, near or far. Two prime examples are Lockheed Martin, the aircraft and engineering giant, and the IMF, International Monetary Fund, were both victims of recent cyber attacks. so the question has to be asked, are you doing enough to protect your corporate information? If you think you could do more, check out available Miami computer support services to strengthen any potential risks.

When considering Miami computer support, Miami tech support, or IT support Miami it is best to understand what you need and what you are getting. It cannot hurt to hire a Computer service miami company who also does IT services. Consultants who work in IT are able to create client specific IT systems from planning to managing all the way to administering the system for the client. Investigate Miami computer support services that have flexibility to make changes as they arise by searching for IT consulting Miami to see what current customers say about their experiences.

Another thing to keep in mind when researching potential Miami computer support services is the growing trend of Bring Your Own Device, called BYOD, office environments. These allow employees to access company information from their personal mobile devices. 47 percent of companies currently using BYOD networks have had a security breach and it is expected that 55 percent of the smartphones used in business will be employee owned by 2015. Mobile Device Management is one way companies doing It consulting florida recommend reducing the risk of a breach. Contact a local Miami computer support company to find out more.