Observing Innovative Contractors How Does Tech Play a Role in Construction?


When you think of the tech industry, images of technological giants and startups in Silicon Valley may come to mind. The last industry to cross your thoughts when considering how tech has influenced and expanded our world might be the construction industry. Although the construction industry still relies on tangible materials and practices that have been reliable for decades, it’s not immune to the influence of the technology boom.

As the world becomes more and more reliant on technology to run businesses and streamline processes, the construction industry is using it to advance its field through innovative contractors. What didn’t seem possible decades ago has been made completely possible and routine thanks in part to advances and innovations in technology. For some construction companies, the process of adapting to new tech has been a challenging and lengthy one. For others, change and innovation is a welcome part of their business model, so the new technological advancements are just one of many ways in which they grow their company to meet the demands of modern consumers.

Of course, change and advancement often come with growing pains. Some construction contractors may be reluctant to deviate from the methods that they’ve always used to keep track of client data, schedule work, and complete construction tasks. On top of that, using new technology can eat up precious hours that are usually devoted to getting a job done. Taking the time out of the work week to train construction contractors to use new technology can be a hassle and seem like it’s putting your team behind on projects. Still, it’s all going to pay off in the end when your staff can effortlessly navigate new tech and other improvements with the best of them.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to let current customers and future customers know that your innovative contractors are equipped with the skills to complete construction jobs using the most current technology on the market. That’s a great benefit to give customers who may be on the fence about using your company over one that’s more old-school. If your customers value advancement and forward-thinking practices, they’ll appreciate that you’ve taken the time to educate and train your contractors to effectively employ new technology in their daily to-do list.

Raise the Roof

When it comes to roofing, it helps to find roofing contractors who pride themselves in being innovative contractors. After all, your roof is the part of your home that keeps it safe from the elements and insulates against extreme temperatures. If you plan on installing solar panels to power your home through solar power, having innovative roofing contractors is especially important. Otherwise, your contractors may not have a clue on how to properly install the panels. What’s more, they may struggle to recommend solar panels and related technology that are the most efficient and updated at this point.

In this day and age, a roof is more than just a slab of materials that keeps the rain and snow out of your home. It can be a powerful part of the home that keeps the lights and other electronics powered at all times through solar technology. Even if you don’t have a roof that appears high-tech on the surface, having a company that uses technology to arrange appointments, manage their staffing, and perform other administrative tasks will make all the difference. If you’re not a huge fan of making phone calls, being able to schedule your roofing contractor’s appointments through an online portal or other software will make you all the more likely to get the job scheduled. Roofing companies that stay behind the times and refuse to innovate on even this basic level can make it tough for modern customers to find the time and motivation to complete the job. If they don’t even have a website, it can be challenging to assess whether they’re the right roofing contractor for you. Word-of-mouth referrals only go so far nowadays. If you want a roofing company that’s ahead of the game and easy to contact as needed, you should opt for one that shows clear signs of embracing modern-day technology. The last thing you want is a company that seems stuck in the past, especially when it comes to getting your roof replaced, fixed, or inspected before putting your house on the market.

On the Fence

Another area of construction that relies on new technology and innovative contractors is fencing. Typically, fence contractors need a solid understanding of technology to install gates and fences that have electronic mechanisms to control their opening, closing, and locking functions. Additionally, fencing contractors need to use technology to keep track of their schedules, send invoices, and perform other clerical duties. Without a strong grasp of technology, fencing contractors can fall behind the times and do a disservice to their customers. If you expect exceptional customer service and a smooth experience as a customer, you should look for contractors who are comfortable using technology in fencing.

High-Tech Garage Doors

For the average garage door contractor, technological literacy is a must. As garage doors become more technically complex, we need innovative contractors who understand how their technological mechanisms work and how to repair them when something goes wrong. Although garage doors might seem simple on the surface when they’re working properly, they can be tricky to repair without the right technology for the job. If your garage door is experiencing issues related to wiring or other tech equipment, you’ll want to call someone to help who knows the technology involved in these garage doors inside and out. If you have a “smart” garage door, enlisting contractors who are comfortable working with advanced garage door technology is especially important. Otherwise, you may end up spending far more money and time fixing a bad repair job than you would have if you hired the right person for the job in the first place.

If you’re considering replacing an analog or outdated garage door with new technologically advanced smart garage doors, you’ll find plenty of perks going along with this innovation. Instead of fumbling for the garage door key fob, you should be able to open the garage door from a smartphone, tablet, or other wifi-enabled device. If your partner or family member comes home and forgets to bring a device to open the garage door, you may be able to let them in from the comfort of your couch or somewhere else through an app.

In addition to making garage doors more user-friendly, smart technology makes them more secure. If security is the highest priority in your home, you’ll be able to rest easy after you hire a garage door contractor to install a smart garage door. When you know you’ll be home at a certain time and leaving at a certain time, you can program your smart garage door to open and close around that schedule. Of course, only an innovative contractor who understands this technology will be able to assist you with installation and repairs on your smart garage door. Even though that may limit your pool of potential contractors, it’s worth it to get the garage door that best suits your needs.

Don’t Forget about Flooring

Even if you like the look of traditional hardwood floors, you can still benefit from hiring innovative contractors to install your flooring. When you’re hiring flooring professionals, the ones who can use new technology will be much easier to work on scheduling, sourcing materials through online inventory management platforms, and more. “Technology” doesn’t always refer to computers or fancy software. Sometimes, it refers to advancements in the formulation of materials for construction projects. In the case of flooring, some modern flooring technology like luxury vinyl planks and tiles make it possible for homeowners on a tight budget to have the look of gorgeous hardwood floors without the high costs and time-intensive upkeep.

When your contractors have a great handle on the types of flooring that are readily available in this day and age, it can save you money in the long run. On an even more positive note, they’ll be able to help you compare different materials so you get the one that’s best for your budget and your needs. Sometimes, having a knowledgeable contractor is all it takes to make your home improvement project a true improvement for your dwelling.

Innovate Your Kitchen

As you’re calling cabinet companies and related contractors to bring your kitchen up to date, you should ask questions about the types of technology that innovative contractors in these companies use. For example, if you’re trying to get a job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, it makes the most sense to ask about the technology that your cabinet maker uses to produce cabinets. If their tech is stuck in the stone age, you may want to reconsider hiring them. Modern cabinet makers use innovative manufacturing technology to produce cabinets quickly and consistently. This helps you spend less time and money on your cabinets for several reasons. Firstly, it makes it so that the cabinet maker spends less time making the cabinets. Since these cabinets usually are less labor intensive, they can be less expensive than traditional cabinets, as well.

As you’re updating your kitchen design, you should also consider how you’ll want to incorporate smart technology, if at all. The contractors who are most familiar with smart technology will be your best bet for completing this task correctly the first time. Smart technology may be a new frontier for the construction industry, but many professionals are picking it up fast to stay ahead of the game.

Tech Helps Plumbers, Too

Plumbing may be a down-and-dirty job, but it also requires the intelligence and skills to handle changes in technology. Our society has come a long way from traditional chamber pots and outhouses. For modern plumbers, having a great foundation in technology can make the difference between being an excellent plumbing professional and a mediocre one. For this reason, most plumbers study plumbing technology so they can do more than the bare minimum basics of plumbing.

As we rely more on technology to improve our lives, the plumbing industry evolves to meet those needs and social changes. One of the more popular advances in plumbing technology at the moment is contactless flushing. As contractormag.com shares in an article on the subject, “The latest advancements in the plumbing industry are offering benefits like convenience, control, cost savings, and increased energy efficiency. Though touchless fixtures have been in for a while, their demand seems to be rising each year.

The current five billion-dollar market for smart bathroom fixtures is all set to revolutionize the plumbing industry with innovative and eco-friendly fixtures and technologically advanced hardware. Smart fixtures like touchless faucets, sensor-enabled soap dispensers, and automatic cistern systems aid in creating a flexible and luxurious environment for all.” Since plumbing is becoming more and more reliant on new technology, we can expect to see an uptick in innovative contractors entering the plumbing sphere in the next few years, as well.

Demolition in the 21st Century

While your average demolition company probably had very different demolition methods a hundred years ago, even the act of destroying buildings has benefitted from our tech boom. Some technological advances in this field include chemical demolition and machine demolition. Chemical demolition is especially popular at this time for its non-explosive qualities. Innovative contractors are finding new ways to tear down buildings without harming the environment or surroundings to the extent that more primitive ways of demolition may have been done.

Heating and Cooling

Every HVAC contractor needs to know their industry’s technology. Otherwise, they’ll have a hard time working with HVAC systems. To fix and install HVAC systems, an innovative contractor is required for the job. Learning new technology is a part of professional development in this sector, as well.

Whether you’re an old-fashioned inground pool contractor, an innovative parking lot paving company, or a homeowner who’s looking to hire cutting-edge construction companies for your next renovation job, it helps to stay on top of current trends in technology and construction. When these fields intersect, we see infinite possibilities to build a better future. Although advancement can be scary, it’s also exciting.