Microfiche Conversion Saves Your Time, and Your Information


What is Microfiche?

To understand why microfiche conversion is necessary, you need to understand what exactly it is. Essentially, microfiche is the photo negative of a document. A sheet of fiche could be used to hold a large quantity of multiple documents. The image is reduced in size, though the information is still stored and viable. Previous microfiche would be read using a special machine, but as the world becomes more digitized, it has become more prudent to convert microfiche using digital scanning services.

The Benefits of Microfiche Conversion.

There are numerous benefits with making any documents digital. With computerized access you can have the ability to easily lookup and find specific information in texts that would have possibly required hours of manual scanning otherwise. A few other specific reasons include:

  • Microfiche doesn’t last forever. Over time it has the potential to degrade in quality making information extraction difficult, or altogether impossible. This is an unfortunate side effect of the chemical process that are used in the creation of the negatives. And, while some microfiche claims to have a shelf life of up to 500 years, environmental storage conditions can impact that steeply. Converting documents as soon as possible ensures that anything important won’t be lost unnecessarily, and any business or personal information will safe without risk.
  • Secondly, microfiche requires special storage conditions in order to maintain a good condition. Even fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause irreparable damage to the microfiche. This can make storing them a difficult task in both personal and business use environments. In addition to the equipment needed to read the documents in that form, and it can easily become an unneeded hassle just to review information. Converting microfiche removes all these hurdles and helps preserve all your important documents for easy access.

Once the microfiche has been scanned into your computer, or onto a disk via a 3rd party conversion service, it is there so long as you have the files on the drive. This means not only is it digitally accessible, but if you can also make backups on additional drives, or even print out paper copies for extra security; depending on the type of document. Microfiche conversion can keep your company or personal information secure, and without worry of loss over time. In addition to speeding up the review process if you need to find information quickly. If you or your company still have files stored via microfiche, consider the benefits of having them converted, and help keep your important information safe.