Just How Powerful Is a High-Tech Forestry Grinder?


Upstate Brush Control’s video, “Grinding a Monster Stump!,” demonstrates the power of a high-tech forestry grinder by reducing to mulch a tree stump bigger than a skid steer loader at the start of the day.
The action occurs at a future mobile home site location, including the massive stump and root ball.
The operator grinds the stump using a skid steer loader with a forestry grinder attachment with a five- or six-foot-long drum with chipper teeth that spins at high speed.

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By approaching the stump from different angles and raising and lowering the drum against the stump, the grinder mulches the stump down bit by bit.
A hydraulic excavator on the site periodically flips the stump to provide the grinder with better-cutting angles, just as you might shift a vegetable when hand grating. Over 30 minutes of the 46-minute video is devoted to the grinding process.
Near the end of the video, the operator replaces the chipper teeth since they wear down over time and become less effective. The video also shows the forestry grinder mulching smaller branches lying on the ground, but the work reducing the large stump is the most impressive.