iPhone and iPad Patch Management Software Basics


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When it comes to patch management software, any business would be foolish to forego this elementary piece of cyber security nowadays. The increasingly sophisticated devices used by individuals and businesses today make proper mobile device management absolutely vital for protecting company data and proprietary information, and since businesses comprise 30 percent of US mobile service subscribers, this is no small slice of the pie. Even relatively secure Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad require some degree of protection, and plenty of excellent iPhone management and iphone security software is out there right now for just this purpose. Since tablet sales neared 20 million units in 2010 and one in five iPad consumers plan to use the device for business purposes, proper patch management and security now has another branch.

The Configurator tool put out by Apple offers the ability to easily configure up to 30 of these devices at once, making this an excellent addition to any patch management software solution in general. This is also helpful with apps, since mobile app development is set to outpace PC app development by a 4 to 1 ratio by 2015. Apps can be great, but security should be paramount! Continue reading here: www.maas360.com