How to Host a Successful SMP in Minecraft


If you host your own Minecraft server privately for friends or publicly for other people, you may want to find ways to ensure it’s a fun server to play on for everyone. Hosting an SMP can be a rewarding experience, but only so long as the SMP is successful. In this video, you will learn some great tips for improving your SMP to ensure it remains playable and high-quality.

Whether you are Bedrock server hosting or running your server on Java, this video will surely help you out, and you don’t need to be a big YouTuber to run a successful SMP. The first tip is to only invite people you trust as this will prevent your server from devolving into anarchy.

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Utilize a platform like Discord for communication and avoid building automatic farms as this will harm the spirit of the SMP. Another tip is to never restart the server and this tip is very important. If you are thinking of restarting the server, make sure to give everyone time to think about it and let them have a say. Finally, as the host of the server, don’t be afraid to use your power to keep people in line and following the rules, and also set goals for everyone to keep things interesting.