FTTH 101 – Fiber to the Home Explained


More people than ever are working from home. That means they rely on the internet and most likely need faster interest. Fiber for the Home ( FTTH) can provide that.

We are constantly listening to music, downloading music, working from home, video chatting with friends and family across the country, and downloading HD programs, or gaming.

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The list only goes on and on for our internet needs. So as a result, we need an internet that can keep up with all of that.

FTTH claims that is it fast. But how fast? Faster than your cell phone, which slows down when multiple people are accessing the same network. Satellite connections have a delay that can interrupt very important phone conversations.

How can FTTH be so fast? It has optical fibers that are thin strands of glass that transmit light. Because it’s so fast, it’ll allow you to download an HD movie even while others are on the network.

Fiber for the Home is also future proof and the capacity has no limit. Millions of families in Europe are already connected. By getting the right internet connection, you can go about your daily life without having to worry about slow-running internet.