Best Linux-Based Software


In this video you will learn all about the best Linux-based software. Linux is an operating system with some unique features and access to apps and software that you can’t install on any other operating system, such as macOS or Windows. If your machine runs on Linux or if you are thinking about using Linux, then the software this video will teach you about is a must-have.

Video Source

You will learn about what software you should get, why you should get it, how to get it, and how it works.

For each of the apps that the expert in this video recommends, you will get walked through every aspect, starting with how to install it. Similar to a guide or tour, the expert will show you on his own computer where to navigate to in order to find the software, and then jump into how it works. You will never feel lost as he does everything right in front of you so you can follow along easily. By the end of the video you should feel confident in your ability to use these apps, as well as understand just how they can be used to their fullest potential to make your Linux OS convenient to use.