Finding the Right Advertising Agency For Your Small Business

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Any small business understands the need for marketing to be successful. Marketing is the act of getting brand recognition out to potential customers. It is how small businesses get customers to visit and how they educate new customers on their service or their product. A successful marketing plan is crucial in the success of a company. Without successful marketing, many businesses will not gain the necessary about of customers and sales and they will ultimately fail. A lack of a marketing campaign is one of the top reasons that many small businesses do not succeed. If you are unfamiliar with marketing, it can be difficult to create a marketing campaign that will be successful. Fortunately, advertising agencies exist for this sole purpose.

Marketing should be a good portion of your budget every year. Your small business should be spending money on marketing every single year, continuing to expand your customer base. In fact, marketers in the U.S. will spend nearly $24 billion on online display advertising this year, and 59% of CMOs view display ads as an effective marketing channel. It is agreed by most marketing professionals that having a marketing budget is extremely crucial in the success of a business, however, the specific marketing plan preferences differ. Additionally, what works for one business in terms of marketing may not be as successful for another business. Commercial marketing ads may work for larger, better known companies, whereas flyers and neighborhood engagement may work for a smaller, locally owned business. Advertising agencies are a great source for finding what specific marketing strategies work for your business.

Social media is becoming a very popular mode of marketing. It is often free or low cost and provides great customer results, making it a very popular marketing technique. 80% of consumers do a lot of online research for major purchase decisions, and 46% say they count on social media when making such choices. People are using social media for all aspects of their lives today, and it is necessary for a successful business to have some type of a social media presence. This allows them to communicate and engage with their current and potential customers. Most ad agencies will include some type of a social media marketing plan and will provide social media engagement services for their businesses clients.

In addition to social media marketing, things like Email and text marketing are also becoming very popular. People are using Email as a source of communication and most potential customers find a marketing Email more acceptable than a marketing phone call. They can choose which Email communications to open and which ones they no longer wish to receive. They see it as less of an intrusion on their privacy. Also, businesses and the ad agency have the ability to utilize the subject line of the Email to grab the attention of the customer, encouraging them to open and read the contents. Email marketing has proven to be very successful in retaining current customers. Only 8% of companies have an Email marketing team, despite the fact it is often rates as the platform that delivers the highest ROI of any digital marketing tactic. It is beneficial to have a creative agency to find which types of Email contents potential customers will choose to open.

Finding the right advertising agencies or advertising firm that fits with your small business is also important. There are many advertising agencies and finding one that matches with your marketing and business goals is important. You will not fit with every single marketing agency that you meet with. Requesting potential marketing campaign examples is a great way to test out the skills and see which one fits with your small business the best.

Marketing is crucial to the success of any business. It is how a small business seeks out new customers and keeps their current customers coming into their business. There are many options when it comes to a marketing campaign, but social media and Email marketing seem to be the most popular and return the best ROI. A company should meet with a few advertising agencies, interviewing for the best fit.