Cybercrime Damages Are Nearing $6 Trillion In Damages How To Keep Your Company Safe From Attacks


Cyber security infrastructure should be your top priority next year.

Technology gets better by the day…and so do hackers and third parties interested in compromising your business. From new viruses invented on a daily basis to malicious cyber attacks, your safety is only as good as your first and last resort. Network access protection services are designed from the ground up to give you some peace-of-mind. Just like you take the flu shot every year to keep your immune system updated against new viral strains, so too should you look into professional cyber security infrastructure services on a regular basis.

Here’s what endpoint cyber security solutions can offer you and your business.

The State Of Cybercrime Today

Just how bad are cyberattacks? A recent study found cybercrime damage costs will hit a staggering $6 trillion annually once 2021 comes around. Small businesses get hit especially hard, with an estimated 20% being the target of a hard strike within their first year. A major reason for this is due to the increasing prevalence of the Internet. More devices than ever before are able to connect wirelessly, offering more freedom…at a cost. Remote network access is going to become your best tool against this double-edged sword.

Defining The Internet Of Things

A term you should be well familiar with is IoT, better known as the Internet Of Things. This is used to define any device that is able to connect to the Internet, including, but not limited to, tablets, phones, home computers, laptops, and television. Back in 2016 the global spending on the Internet Of Things across all markets was at an astronomical $735 billion. The International Data Corporation has also predicted that, once 2020 arrives, this will hit $1 trillion. Cybersecurity companies have their work cut out for them keeping up.

Changing Habits Across Different Industries

No matter the industry or niche you focus on, there are some habits you’ve likely heard of. More than 300 billion passwords are estimated to be in use by 2021, including 200 million Internet Of Things credentials. It’s common to switch passwords and install anti-virus software in an attempt to combat these statistics, but a business staffed with hundreds of people and serving thousands of customers needs to be more prudent. The beginning of 2017 saw a stunning two billion records being stolen, according to Gemalto: more than 150% higher than the previous year.

The Future Of Cybersecurity In America

Endpoint security is going to continue growing from here. Back in 2007 the American government spent over $7 billion to combat malicious cyber attacks. Compare this to 2016, in which this number has expanded by 370%. It’s estimated over 200,000 cybersecurity jobs in the country will remain unfilled due to this demand, with postings for programming, tech support, and security having grown by 75% over the past few years. Your best chance at staying ahead of the pack and protecting your assets is to be proactive.

Expanding Your Cyber Security Infrastructure

If this all sounds complicated, even impossible, never fear. Hackers move fast, but so does remote network access software. Cybersecurity Ventures recently predicted there will be over six billion Internet users by the time 2022 arrives. That’s nearly 75% of the world’s population, which is expected to inch toward nine billion. Viruses never wait until you’re prepared, so be proactive and let professionals do the dirty work. Cybersecurity companies will offer you essential tools and regular check-ups to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

Stay safe. Look into enhancing your cyber security infrastructure this year and the next.