Common Types of Pipeline Strainers


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Pipeline strainers protect your pipes from damage due to dirt and sediment that can be carried through your piping. This video will explain various types of strainers than can be used in your piping.

Y-Type Strainer

Y-type strainers remove foreign matter from your pipelines and protect associated equipment like pumps, valves, meters, etc. They can be used in pressurized, steam, liquid, gas, or suction pipes. The only drawback is that they cannot be installed in piping with upward flows.

Basket Strainer

Strainers can take out dirt and other objects that you don’t want in the fluid. It can be very helpful to catch things, like a ring, that may fall into your sink. They can be installed in horizontal pipelines with high flow capacity.

Duplex Basket Strainer

You can get a dual basket strainer. It is made up of two parallel basket strainers with diverting valves to guide the flow of water. It’s good for chemical and abrasive applications, and there is no interruption in the straining process by altering the flow of fluid once the first is full.

Pipeline strainers come in a variety of designs depending on the application they are being used for. To learn more about the strainer designs and the metals that they can be made out of, click the link on the video above.