Basic Guide to Environmental Test Chambers


Environmental test chambers are used to simulate extreme conditions for product testing and development. They provide a safe and reliable environment for product evaluation, research, and development. Environmental test chambers can simulate temperatures ranging from -100°F to over 300°F (-73°C to 150°C) as well as humidity levels of 0-100%.

In order to properly utilize an environmental test chamber, it is important to understand the purpose of the chamber, the types available, and what type would best meet your testing needs.

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The two most common types of environmental test chambers are walk-in chambers and reach-in chambers. Walk-in chambers are larger than reach-ins and can simulate a wide range of environments that require more space. Reach-ins are more suitable for applications that require less space, such as smaller products or lab samples.

Once you have decided which type of chamber to use, it is important to determine the environmental parameters required for your testing conditions. Common tests performed in chambers include temperature cycling tests and vibration/shock tests. Temperature cycling tests involve exposing a product to repeated cycles of extreme temperatures (varying from hot to cold) over a period of time in order to test its durability and performance under various conditions. Vibration/shock tests measure the effects of vibrations on a product during transportation or when exposed to other external forces.

When selecting an environmental test chamber, pay close attention to the size, power capacity, ventilation requirements, and control system. The size of the chamber should be appropriate for the test samples, taking into consideration the type and amount of equipment that will need to fit inside. Additionally, consider the power capacity needed to run the test equipment within your chamber as well as the ventilation requirements necessary for optimal performance. Finally, you should also ensure that your environmental test chamber comes with a reliable control system so you can monitor and adjust all parameters during testing.

With an understanding of environmental test chambers, you now have a better idea of how they can help meet your product testing and development needs. For more information on environmental test chambers, contact a qualified expert who can provide more in-depth knowledge and guidance on choosing the right one for your application.