6 Cell Phone Charging Tips


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Cell phones are an important part of many people?s lives. Without them, we feel lost and out of touch with the world. Our dependence to cell phones only becomes stronger as new technologies and lifesaving apps are released. What happens, though, when our trusted cell phone fails us? The longer you have your cell phone, the quicker it runs out of batteries. The more often you use your phone throughout the day, the quicker it loses its power. Follow these battery charging tips to extend the life of your cell phone throughout the day.

Charge it throughout the night
The best time to charge your cell phone fully is when you are sleeping. You may be tempted to fall asleep playing on your phone, but that can leave you with an uncharged phone in the morning. The rest of the day is then spent attempting to catch up on charging time. Make it a routine to plug your phone in at bedtime and then leave it until the morning. You will find it easier to fall asleep also.

Purchase a vehicle charger
Americans spend a lot of time driving. Some even have especially long work commutes. If you designate your drive time to charging time, you will rarely run out of battery life on your phone. Also, hooking your phone up to your vehicle charger will reduce your temptation to use your phone while driving, which can be very dangerous.

Do not use your phone while charging
One of the most common mistakes that cell phone users is playing on their phone while it is charging. Most cell phone chargers are not designed to be close enough to use the phone. It is best to leave your phone alone when it is charging. Also, try not to remove it from the charger until it is fully charged. Over time, the constant removal of the phone during mid charge can damage the phone?s battery and cause it to deplete even quicker.

Purchase additional charging cell phone accessories
Additional charging accessories, including zipcord fiber optic cables and cat5e cable bulk can increase your ability to charge your device throughout the day. External charging packs are pre charged batteries that you can plug your phone into throughout the day. These charging batteries do not last as long as a traditional phone battery, but can be a great last minute option. Another one of the most common cell phone cable accessories are zipcord fiber optic cable. If you carry an additional zipcord fiber optic cable with you, you can easily plug your device into any public computer.

Have multiple charging stations
Having multiple charging stations throughout your house or work can help you to recharge your phone, when needed. Purchase bulk USB cables and HDMI cables for easy setup of charging stations. These stations can be especially beneficial in a work setting, where multiple people can benefit from the alternative zipcord fiber optic cable charging sources. An average of 295 iPhones is sold every minute. With 101 million iPhone users in the U.S. alone, it is likely that there are numerous users who require the same charging device as you.

Replace your phone when needed
If, despite your best charging habits, your run still runs out of battery life prematurely, it may be time to replace your phone. Cell phone developers are constantly working on updates and new designs of phones to correct current problems, including loss of battery. Apple has released nine generations of the iPhone so far, and established itself as the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world in terms of shipment as of 2015. An upgraded version of the iPhone may better suit your needs.

Cell phones have improved our lives in many ways. They have put the world right at our fingertips. That is, until our batteries run out of life and we are left disconnected with the outer world. If you find that your battery life is not currently meeting your needs, attempt to correct the problem with these battery charging tips. If you are still unable to solve them, it may be time to replace your cell phone.