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How to Get That Wiry Mess of 75 HDMI Cables Under Control With Stuff You Already Have Laying Around the House

100 ft hdmi cable

Did you know that it’s harder for your brain to work in a messy, cluttered environment? That’s because it’s being bombarded with a variety of visual stimuli which makes it harder to focus on the task at hand. But when most people think of cleaning up a mess inside their home or office, they think of wiping up spilled coffee, cleaning dead leaves and debris out of the gutter, running the vacuum cleaner, or mopping the floors. But don’t forget to get all the cables to your electronics under control! With all the electronic devices people use nowadays and the cables that go with, it’s no wonder your brain can begin to feel a bit wiry!

People rely on a lot of gadgets, digital devices, electronics, gizmos, and tech pieces nowadays. But for as beneficial as all these devices are, they can also be a pain in t

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What’s the Difference Between All These Cat Cables?

Power strip surge protector

You want to get your gaming console plugged in — but you?re not sure exactly what all these different cable types do. There?s Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 Cables — and so far, you have no idea what the difference between any of them are. Here?s the important information you need in order to make a decision.


Cat5 is appropriate when you don?t have a need for super fast connections, as it can handle 10/100 Mbps speeds at up to 100MHz. Fast Ethernet, but slow for things other than cable. Although there are still many ways one can use a Cat5 cable, it is not as popular as the other options available today. Cat5 is used for both multi-phone systems and networks as well. If you?re wondering how long a Cat5 cable can last, most of them are built out of quality materials that h

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