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Why Search Engines Matter A Company Primer

Search engine optimization strategies

Search engine optimization is a practice that benefits companies large and small. It particularly helps small businesses, who may lack the stature, name brand recognition, customer base, and drawing power of companies that have been around for tens if not hundreds of years.

Search engine optimization is a concept that came to rise with the advent of search engines. The Googles, the Bings, the Yahoos, are all major search engines, and together with their appearance first on the opening of Internet browsers, they demanded attention from Internet users, eventually commandeering the adulation of many.

Search engines operate on the central principle that users determine which data of the massive data system within the Internet to select. They are essentially (seemingly) without any k

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Man vs. Machine: Should PCB Prototype Assembly Be Done by Hand?

PCB prototype assemblyIf you have a computer, a phone, or any other kind of digital device, odds are it has a circuit board in it. Circuit board assembly services are incredibly important to countless electronics around the world, but before they can be assembled, PCB prototype assembly has to be done.

PCB prototype assembly creates preliminary models of circuit boards that can then be tested in order to then create the final product. But there’s been a debate on how to create these prototypes. Many argue that creating them by hand is more effective and more precise, but others believe that automated processes are faster and more cost-effective. Here are a few more arguments for each side.

Hand Soldering

The Pros:
If you’re running a smaller assembly line and only need small batch PCB assembly, you may prefer hand soldering to automatic processes. Not only does it allow precision, it allows you as a business owner to be close to your process and keep excellent control over it.

The Cons
Unfortunately, any process done by hand has a margin for human error. The same is true especially for PCB assembly, as all of the parts are small and soldering needs to be extremely precise. Though printing machine errors account for 70% of all surface assembly quality issues, the margin is larger for human error.

Automated Assembly

The Pros
Running a large assembly line and steering away from small batch PCB assembly means you’re probably going to want a machine to do your soldering. This allows for much more efficient, precise assembly. In addition, you can create more circuit boards for less up-front cost.

The Cons
The biggest downside of automated assembly is the time you’ll need to invest in equipment training and maintenance. It’s important to evaluate your staff and your equipment regularly, which can be a time-draining exercise.

Ultimately, how you create PCBs depends on how you’d like to run your business. If you prefer being up close and personal with your staff and your process, maybe hand soldering is preferable. Despite that, there’s no denying that automated assembly has its fair share of benefits.

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Traveling and Software An Important Relationship

Best hotel software systems

When it comes to running a successful travel business there is nothing more important than the area of customer service. Making sure that your employees currently handle customer service issues will be paramount to the success of your traveling business. However, many business owners within the world of traveling will often overlook just how important this is, which can be a costly mistake.

The world that surrounds the travel industry has changed immensely thanks to the boost that we have seen in technology over the past ten years. Now, there has been software designed to help hotel management systems, hotel management solutions, and the future of the hotel industry has never looked so bright. Here is

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