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Are You Tech Obsessed?

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Talk radio has its roots in the typical AM and FM formats. However, in 2004, Pew researchers concluded that only about 17% of people regularly listened to talk radio. In 2005, free online radio became an option thanks to affordable technology. More commonly known as podcasts, talk radio shows on a variety of subject matter now reach much larger audiences.

These days, it is easier than ever for a techie to get the the latest tech news on tech radio online. If you build computers, code, manage computer networks, or are just interested as a hobby, then you can listen to tech radio online to satisfy your need for information about the latest iPhones, new tablets from Amazon, or new smart-watches.

Online technology radio comes in two formats, either streaming, or podcast. If you are unable to devote anywhere

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Exciting Tech Talk for Computer Connoisseurs

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According to recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics, over 75 of American households owns at least one computer. On top of that, the Pew Research Center reports that approximately 56 percent of the American population owns a smartphone, which is an increase of 21 percent since 2011. What this means is Americans are becoming increasingly attached to technology all the time, and that millions of Americans are spending hundreds of dollars on devices that they really know little about.

Each time the newest version of the iPhone is released, millions of Americans flock to retailers in order to get their hands on these sleek, feature packed devices. However, when they fork over 850 bucks for a 64 gig iPhone, is it really worth it? While there are certainly people out there who will use all of the features,

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