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The Evolution of Technology and Business

Impeccable execution

In the first half of 2015, a huge development took place in the continent of North America. North American robotics companies have been long working on creating robots for factories and workplaces. In that year of 2015, a record number of 14,232 robots were ordered with a whopping value of $840 million. ONe of the strongest reasons for this deals with the evolution of process excellence.

Process excellence is essential a business model by which technology and automation work to make businesses more effective and more efficient. This is a smart way for businesses to evolve because as of right now, technology is expanding at a rapid rate that many did not predict possible. This has lead to the development of both process excellence and the Internet of Things.

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Geospatial Data Analysis Services Provide a Wealth of Marketing Information

Demographic reporting tools

What started as an easy way to touch base with the location of your teenagers has turned into a tool for capturing the latest shopping coupons and in store offers. Through the use of geospatial mapping, parents are not only able to check the location of their teenagers, they can also access local restaurant and clothing boutique offers. Geospatial mapping is a platform that includes a dataset of locational information that is linked to specific geographic data like address, city, and ZIP code coordinate.
It only makes sense that the location technologies on our phones are being used for a number of purposes. From the decision to activate the GPS locators services to know where your children are, you are also enabling geospatial information systems as well. In turn, these Continue Reading >>

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