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Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Aids Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Low volume pcb

For a whole range of industries, including manufacturing, commercial, aerospace, military, educational, medical, and automotive, as well as hobbyists, quick and accurate PCB assembly services can make all the difference to future operations. Quick turn pcb assembly for all kinds of projects, from the simplest to most complex, uses the latest technology in computer aided design and manufacturing for the highest quality control.

Growing demand for quick turn pcb assembly
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More Millennials Are Becoming Wine Snobs, and Big Beer Companies Can’t Handle It

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Think Millennials are stuck in their college days and prefer beer as their alcoholic drink of choice down at the bars? Well, think again.

Turns out that instead of asking their bartender what’s on tap, Millennials are more likely to pick between red, white, and rose. Millennials are consuming more wine than any generation before them, and large beer brands are starting to notice.

Back in 2015, the Millennial generation as a whole consumed 159.6 million cases of wine. This represented about 36% of all the wine sales in that year, a statistic that has only risen since then.

Not only that, but when Millennials drink, they drink a lot. This generation is on its way to becoming wine connoisseurs, as the amount of high-frequency wine drinkers has risen from 8% in 2005 to 13% back in 2

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