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What’s the Difference Between All These Cat Cables?

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You want to get your gaming console plugged in — but you?re not sure exactly what all these different cable types do. There?s Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 Cables — and so far, you have no idea what the difference between any of them are. Here?s the important information you need in order to make a decision.


Cat5 is appropriate when you don?t have a need for super fast connections, as it can handle 10/100 Mbps speeds at up to 100MHz. Fast Ethernet, but slow for things other than cable. Although there are still many ways one can use a Cat5 cable, it is not as popular as the other options available today. Cat5 is used for both multi-phone systems and networks as well. If you?re wondering how long a Cat5 cable can last, most of them are built out of quality materials that h

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4 Content Marketing Strategies Your Small Business Can Use Today!

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The planet Earth is so saturated with advertisements that consumers are innately trained to block them out. They leave the room when commercials come on TV, they skip over ads in magazines, they don’t even notice the flashing banners that appear on websites. This makes branding your business and uphill battle. How can you communicate the message of your business while building your brand if consumers just ignore advertisements?

Enter the services provided by a content marketing company.

A content mar

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